Whisky Review – Glengoyne 17

Two weeks ago I had my first taste of Glengoyne whisky. I’ve heard mostly good things on a few of their whiskies like the 21yo, CS and the Teapot Dram, but I also heard more lukewarm opinions on some of their whiskies. So I was quite happy to try this one and decide for myself  what I think of their products. Yes, I’m aware this is only a single whisky from their range but it’s a starting point and I’ll taste more of their whiskies while visiting them in about 2 weeks 🙂

Glengoyne 17 is a discontinued product, replaced by Glengoyne 18, but is still widely available in europe (and in some places in UK). it contains a high portion of 1st fill Sherry casks which strengthen the sherry impact over the younger siblings from this distillery.

So get one or not?

Glengoyne 17 (OB, 43%, buy for €54.95 here)

glengoyne_17Nose: Vanilla, Fruity, Oranges, pears, a bit of sherry. with water: more fruity, nuts, apples. Overall very fresh and clean, rounded and balanced with sweetness.

Palate: Oak, spicy, nutty, vanilla (more pronounced then on nose), sweet oranges. With water – more oak notes and less fruits.

Finish: Medium length, subtle oak, sweet fruits and dryness at the end.

Conclusion: I was quite surprised at how well rounded and balanced this one is. It’s a very good whisky, soft, fruity with sweet sherry notes. And for the on-going price of this bottle (in Europe at least) it gives you a very good value for money.


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