Whisky Review – “Pendleton” Blended Canadian Whisky

I happened to go over my tasting notes and seems like I forgot to post tasting notes for one of the whiskies from Dramming.com Freestyle Blind Tasting competition.

I guessed it to be some american whisky (got the right continent!) and 40% (spot on!). Ranked it as 4th out of 5 in the competition. Here are the tasting notes:

“Pendleton” Blended Canadian Whisky (OB, 40%, Buy for $27 here)

pendelton blendedNose: Burning sensation at first, then comes some burn/roast notes – burnt rubber, roasted nuts. This then transforms into caramel sweetness, but as whole feels flat and cheap – not very complex nose.

Palate: starts good with some pine, charcoal (a bit sweet tho), honey but turning to bitter – leather, grapefruits – a bit unpleasant.

Finish: Medium, sweet and once the bitter tone is gone, taste good.

Conclusion: well, If this was your first (Canadian) whisky, it could be a good thing – it has way more ‘meat’ and character then the standard famous blends. But personally, I didn’t like this one much – There are better Canadian whiskies out there (which some I reviewed here on the blog).


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