Whisky Review – Mortlach 16 (Fauna and Flora), The Single Malt Of Scotland Craigellachie 15 Silver at Highlander Inn

So after visiting Deanston Distillery, we resumed our way up north to the Speyside region. At first it was a bit scary as we felt like we’re driving on the wrong lane…

Feels like the wrong lane

Feels so wrong…

But we soon got used to it and enjoyed the pastoral view around us. we even caught a rainbow while driving!

After 2 stops for caffeine injection and 3 more hours we’ve arrived to Craigellachie where we lodged in the Speybank B&B (highly recommended!). Although it was dark, cold, late and we were very tired, we braved ourselves and went to hunt the Highlander Inn for a couple of drams.

So down the stairs to the pub we went and arrived to a whisky heaven. Hundreds of bottles are stored everywhere (literally). on one wall there was the entire Fauna and Flora collection, while on another a nice list of Japanese whisky bottles, and many many more scattered around on shelves.

Pictures of Highlander Inn - Inn Photos
This photo of Highlander Inn is courtesy of TripAdvisor

So we sat down and ordered 2 drams – after looking at the impressive menu, we went for one indie bottling from the local distillery (Craigellachie) and one of the Flora and Fauna collection bottles (don’t worry – not from the full collection on display) and in this case Mortlach was the choice. We also had a nice chat with Fraser, the man behind the bar, and with Mike, a guest from DC USA, discussing tours, sniffed some bottles (some very interesting indie Glenlivets).

But we were too tired to order another round of drams or lurk there for much longer (with next day tours looming) so unfortunately, that was all for us.

So if you travel at Speyside region, hop for an evening at the Highlander Inn for a couple of drams.

Mortlach 16 (Flora and Fauna Series) (16yo, 43%, buy here for £48.55)

Mortlach 16 Flora and FaunaNose: Starts with heavy medium-sweet sherry. Plums with sweet honey. Then some low-key color solvent. A bit dry, After a while some citrus shows up.

Palate: Dry, Spicy Sherry, Oak flavors reveals honey and some vanilla. Color solvent again. Very smooth and nice despite the solvent.

Finish: Medium Mild sweet oak. Dry citrus and solvent again

Conclusion: Very nice dram. It’s my first Mortlach and I’m willing to try a few more 🙂

The Single Malt Of Scotland Craigellachie 15 (46%, 1995 vintage, buy here for £58.66)

SAMSUNGNose: Dry, Vanilla and honey, Lemon is late comer followed by color solvent note . All is wrapped in grass and meadow notes.

Palate: Very spicy upon entrance, caramel and vanilla, sour, not lemony but herbal grass.

Finish: Medium but a longer than the Mortlach. Lemon and Sour. Oak.

Conclusion: Not balanced good enough, too many sour and solvent notes all around and the glass even smelled of baby vomit after drinking it. Preferred the Mortlach this time and will look for other better drams of Craigellachie.


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