Whisky Review – Old Malt Cask (OMC) Macallan 15yo Cask #4716

Few weeks ago I’ve been in Speyside tasting event which I happened to revisit some whiskies I had before but also taste some new drams (always a great experience) and one of them was a bit oldie Old Malt Cask Macallan aged 15yo which I review today.

As you probably know, the Old Malt Cask (OMC from now on), was a very successful and popular brand which belonged to the original Douglas Laing company. Last year, the company split to 2 companies – Douglas Laing (retaining old name and some of the brands) and Hunter Laing who got the OMC brand.

So old OMC bottling and a Macallan (before they ventured onto Fine Oak stuff), it must be good, ah?

Old Malt Cask (OMC) Macallan 15yo Cask #4716 (50%, distilled 1993, bottled 2008, 348 bottles)

macallan_15yo_omc_1993-2008Nose: Hmm, sherry notes up front with serious alcohol punch for only 50%. I let it rust in the glass for a minute or two before approaching it again to smell some lovely sherry notes of cinnamon, sultanas and dried fruits. There is the feeling of dryness but it’s still sweet. Also some hint of white pepper and varnish. It’s a fresh & kicking nose.

Palate: Dry oak but sherried. Some nice and big spicy bang after initial flavours with smooth and throat warming impact.

Finish: Medium length. Sweet sherry with some wood oak and vanilla. Very very tasty whisky.

Conclusion: Yeah, it’s good and lovely Macallan. Way better then all the Fine Oak expression I had. This is how it should be. Douglas Laing did great here.


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