Whisky Review – SMWS 131.2 Magic Carpet in a Sweetie Shop (Hanyu)

This is the 2nd post with the tasting notes of The Hanyo SMWS 131.2 Magic Carpet in a Sweetie Shop. I’ve tasted it online in Tweet Tasting event with a group of friends who bought and shared a duo of excellent Japanese whiskies from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. The story behind this one is detailed in the previous post on the SMWS 132.2 dram right here.

Hanyu SMWS 131.2 Magic Carpet in a Sweetie Shop (55.1%, 646 bottles, first fill ex-sherry)

smws-131.2Nose: Ooh, deep sherry-land, dried fruits, raisins, concentrated sherry after cooking, dark dark fruits, some weak leather and polished wood, full of chocolate and nuts, powerful and lovely with hot whisky legs 🙂

Palate: Chewy and thick, dried fruits, baked fruits, dark chocolate, polished wood, hot, sweet with bit of floral notes, juicy and delicious. oh my!

Finish: Medium length, not as strong as expected, wood, balanced and gentle once the heat settle down.

Conclusion: what an amazing whisky – sweet and juicy, godly. this one is my personal winner out of the two whiskies in this Japanese duo. What an excellent Japanese duo –  both are real top class as others in the event preferred the Karuizawa 131.2 over this one – it’s really a matter of personal taste. And again, Can’t believe this distillery also closed down 😦

I’m so happy I have those friends and that we managed to have those drams. Again, Kudos to the SMWS for getting and bottling such delicious whiskies. Slainte!


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