Whisky Place – The Bon Accord, Glasgow

two fantastic days on Islay ended and then we’re back in Glasgow, totally wiped out emotionally and dead tired from a fantastic day and tours.

But the day isn’t over yet. It’s our last evening in Glasgow and Scotland we have to do two more things: Meet Glasgowians I previously met online and visit The Bon Accord, THE whisky place in town, so the logical thing materialized – a meeting at The Bon Accord.


Unfortunately, some of the fellows couldn’t arrive (Yes Neil and Chris, I’m looking at you) but still on we went and after we settled back in the hotel we went to The Bon Accord. We went inside and after a quick search in the packed-full place managed to find Erik Burgess, one of my online buddies from the Glasgow’s Whisky Club and also a part time brand ambassador for The New Zealand Whisky Company, so yeah, a hardcore whisky guy 🙂

We chatted a lot covering whisky, sport, life and whisky (yeah, again), He introduced me to Paul Mcdonagh, the place spirit and owner, and we had another chat about The Bon Accord. Paul took over the place 20+ years ago and built a monumental whisky collection:

Trust me, it's not even half of the collection

Trust me, it’s not even half of the collection

The place is family business, with Paul’s son Thomas serving efficiently the crowd behind the counter, sending beers and drams all over the busy place.


Paul and Thomas

Paul was true gentleman and welcomed us with a dram, asking us what we prefer, and I asked for some sherried highland whisky and this is what I got:

Old Pulteney 23 - Good stuff I tell you!

Old Pulteney 23 – Good stuff I tell you!

In addition, a dram from a single cask 4 years old Kilchoman from Single Cask Nation (After all, we were in Kilchoman few hours ago!) and both were superb drams that we sipped while continuing chatting around.

Just before we had to leave, Paul and Thomas even allowed us to take a picture behind the counter with the bar as our background (some great bottles out there, see if you can spot the special one…) – great service and true gents one and all (running in the family ah?).

Rotem, Erik and myself

Rotem, Erik and myself

In short, It’s the place in Glasgow to seek whisky, meet whisky fiends and friends, drink a beer or two and eat something – I know it’s a place I’ll visit again next time in Glasgow, you should pay them a visit too! And in the meanwhile, you can follow Paul and The Bon Accord on twitter (@thebonaccord) and Facebook and see what ales are served today and what’s the daily dram is. Slainte!


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