Whisky Review – SMWS 121.64 Maggie Thatcher at the funfair (Arran)

How many times can I repeat that I love SMWS whiskies? The act gets boring after a while, even if their whiskies doesn’t. This time – an Arran bottling 14yo old (again, sample provided by my buddy Tom of Toms Whiskies Reviews) So far I had very good experience with Arran whiskies but seems like this one will be the first tasting notes from Arram on the blog (gotta have more ah?)

SMWS 121.64 Maggie Thatcher at the funfair (54.5%, 14yo, 203 bottles)

smws-121.64-Maggie tatcher at the funfairNose: Herbal, floral, bit of mint & ecalyptous and sweets galore all around – ripe in-season fruits, sweet candies but the herbal/floral duo sets the tone here preventing a too sweet nose while keeping it fresh and lively.

Palate: Major sweet fruits in honey syrup, some spicy honey, some mint. caramelized popcorn and weak oak wood.

Finish: Long finish with sweet honey, fruits, some oak wood is finally showing (especially when sniffing remains in glass)

Conclusion: Tasty and happy whisky. Definitely a fun and happy times dram. Got a bottle? consider yourself lucky as it’s a rocking Arran whisky.


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