Whisky Review – Glenfarclas Vertical Part 1: 10yo, 12yo & 15yo

When I toured in Scotland last October, we were under serious time constraints so we passed near so many distilleries we wanted to visit and it was really heart breaking for us. But for Glenfarclas distillery we broke the rule and stopped by for some R&R D&S (dramming and shopping in case you wonder…:) ). Come on, you can’t totally skip Glenfarclas.



Glenfarclas are famous for being independent, quality whisky and for their heavy usage of sherry casks. They recently even arrived to Israel following our tax reform but I skipped the organized local tasting in favor of the Scotland trip (surely you’d do the same, no?). But we compensated ourselves by buying samples sets at the distillery – 6 whiskies, covering the range from 10yo to 25yo and we sat down last weekend to taste them.

In this part are the tasting notes for the 3 first whiskies we tasted:

Glenfarclas 10yo (40%, buy for £28.25 here)

Glenfarclas-10Nose: Sherry impact but does smell youngish with some spirit notes. Also some sultanas, bay leaves, cloves. Overall semi dry feeling on the nose.

Palate: Oak wood, spicy with lots of cloves. Dry sherry mouth feel.

Finish: Medium length, oak wood, Spicy and not very sweet.

Glenfarclas 12 (43%, buy for £34.5 here)

Glenfarclas-12Nose: Here the sherry is more prominent with plums and berries. It’s less dry and the extra 2 years mautration did good things to the liquid. Some caramel and it’s sweeter. After a while in the glass less cherry and more chocolate notes.

Palate: Rounder on palate, spices, cloves, chocolate, sweet on tongue and some wood towards the end.

Finish: Shorter but sweeter with some wood polish and wood spices.

Glenfarclas 15 (46%, buy for £41.25 here)

glenfarclas-15Nose: Starts with heavy chocolate then more sherry get in. Gentle spices, groundnut, cinnamon, bit of concentrated sherry

Palate: Spicy – green cardamom, cinnamon, lots of chocolate and sweet sherry. lovely.

Finish: Long finish. Sweet and chocolate, bittersweet oak.

Conclusion: the 10yo feels too young and not mature enough. the 12yo is rock solid and the 15yo is a great dram with fantastic VFM. Stay tuned for the 2nd part with the higher end whiskies and the on-steroids variant.


2 thoughts on “Whisky Review – Glenfarclas Vertical Part 1: 10yo, 12yo & 15yo

  1. Michael Bendavid

    Yoav, I did a vertical of the 8-40 (sans the 17, available only in the US) plus the 105 and a sneak drink of the (really floral) new make. I have a dram of the 1969 Family cask on it’s way to me for a tasting (it’s my birth year so it just had to be done…). What I found was that there are two distinct lines of whisky there: the 8-12-21-30-40 are of the same nose, only deepening and deepening as you progress along the years. The best bang for the buck is the 21 which is priced quite fairly here in Israel.
    The 10-15-25 have a different character. I thought this was due to different ratios of sherry aged whisky (the 10 is 1/3, not the usual 2/3) but the 15 is back to the normal 2/3 sherry cask and yet is different….
    All and all, one of my favorite distilleries…

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