Whisky Review – Dalmore 1981 Amoroso Finish

During Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2014 I tasted many whiskies at the VIP lounge, stands and then there are some under the counter drams – just like this one: Dalmore 1981.

With only 484 bottles, finished in Amoroso sherry casks, it’s one of the high-end Dalmore bottlings available (Constellation and Patterson series notwithstanding), I was very eager to try this as I tasted only their core range whiskies so far.

dalmore 1981 2

Dalmore 1981 Amoroso Finish (42%, 484 bottles, buy here for $1,099.99)

dalmore 1981Nose: Dalmore classic profile of sherry sweetness full of plums and berries mixed with milk chocolate and citrus – all very relaxed on the nose but it smells rich and concentrated so you do feel it was aged and married for a while. Rich nose although not too complex.

Palate: starts with strong oakiness (though it’s sitting well relaxed there) and mandarins, continue with sherry impact of berries along the mandarins, mouth drying.

Finish: Medium length. Dry finish with lingering rich feeling, oak, spiciness with nutmeg leading. dried red berries

Conclusion: It’s a very good whisky. But I expected far more out of it as it’s good but not excellent. Despite the age, it’s not as complex (a bit flat actually if you ask me) and just fail to justify the luxury tag Dalmore bestow on it (or the price tag). But still, it was a great experience to try it and I thank our local Dalmore Importers for letting me taste it.


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