Whisky Review – Caskstrength and Carry On 3D Whisky

It’s been a while, yeah I know. But it was because of Passover, the Jewish holiday that last 7 days and observant Jews are forbidden to consume most grains and derived products – like Whisky. But now it’s behind us and I’ve consumed my share of drams since then so let’s get back to normal regular posting schedule And today – the forth instalment in the A-Z of whisky series by the genius folks of Caskstrength.net – 3D whisky.

3D Whisky is a blended malt created from 3 single malts: Dailuaine, Dalwhinnie and Dufftown, which all start with the letter ‘D’ (3 D, gotcha?) and is the 2nd blend in a row they create for this series (although the previous one was ‘straight’ blend)

This one was created by Joel and Neil under the guidance of Diageo Master Blender Dr. Matthew Crow and I was very happy to lay my hands on this whisky and taste it during Whisky Live Tel-Aviv.

Caskstrength and Carry On – 3D Whisky (56.40%, 504 bottles, buy for £49.99 here)

3d whiskyNose: Starts with a hit of hay and flowery meadow note, switching to sweet barley sugar, vanilla pudding and sweet fruits with pears in the front. After sniffing it a while, the sweetness is taking a step back and it becomes a bit zesty and spicy and high ABV is also playing here (even if not overpowering).

Palate: Oh, this one starts with zesty oak notes! Then a flood of concentrated fruits (pears in the lead again) with floral edge, charred oak wood, vanilla – all while still spicy and sweet.

Finish: Medium length. warming dryness with lingering spicy yet gentle oak wood taste layered with sweet fruits and green apples with floral edge.

Conclusion: Real nice and tasty speyside whisky. A blended malt as good as one can be. Joel & Neil did a great job here creating a good and solid whisky.


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