Whisky Review – Wemyss Lord Elcho NAS

Last night I participated in another Tweet Tasting and if you follow me you know I love those events – sharing drams with people all around the globe is such a great experience, and this was my first venture into Wemyss protfolio so double the fun!

The event was held to celebrate the launch of Wemyss Lord Elcho blend, the new and younger sibling of their existing and popular Lord Elcho 15yo blend.

The blend is is minimum 40% malt (and probably around this mark) and 60% grain. Here’s my tasting notes from last night:

Wemyss Lord Elcho (40%, £24)

lord elcho nasNose: Starts spicy with cloves, then sweetness joins in with honey, pinch of vanilla and sweet butterscotch. Melon along with some cereal. Juniper, there’s lots of pastry and sweet baking notes. quite delicate sweetness here. it’s not overpowering yet still with strong presence

Palate: There’s big note of grain in the beginning but its replaced with honey with cloves, vanilla and buttery sweetness. The grain is there (60% from the whisky) but it’s not prominent so good balace

Finish: warming oak and gentle wood spices with lingering vanilla and honey. at the far end it becomes fresh mint which lingers for even longer.

Conclusion: A very decent and balanced dram. Despite having 60% grain, the major impact it gives is the buttery/creamy flavor and in my book it’s A grade for blending. It’s an easy drinking whisky with lots of buttery impact. Slainte!


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