Whisky Review – Wemyss Malts ‘Pastille Bouquet’ 1998 (Mortlach)

Last week WemyssTT3 Tweet Tasting was my first foray into Wemyss single cask releases. I’ve read reviews and heard from other bloggers that this series is good, so I was very happy to try 2 of those in the Tweet Tasting. The first one was this – a 14/15yo Mortlach named ‘Pastille Bouquet’. Just like SMWS bottlings, those single cask bottlings are given names based on their tasting notes. So let’s see if it’s matching.

Wemyss Malts ‘Pastille Bouquet’ 1998 (46%, £58)

Pastille Bouquet - Mortlach 1998Nose: Sweet bouquet! with lemon pie and meadow/grass notes. also very buttery. After some time in the glass it develops and there are definitely some pineapples there with spicy chili all while staying perfumed. Patience here is rewarded for if you wait even longer, there are tangerines and full basket of citrus fruits after only having lemon at first. it opens up beautifully!

Palate: Less off-line with what’s expected from Mortlach with initial short bit of meaty note but then fruits led by grapefruit, oak, nutmeg & cinammon. No doubt it’s way less sweeter than the nose tells us. 2nd sip is way more spicy and lime and cacao.

Finish: Bit of oak wood, sweetness lingers with some zestiness and chocolate, drying.

Conclusion: We all were in agreement – it starts and ends sweet with big filling of all good stuff. It’s not your average Mortlach and frankly I don’t think any of us would guess it in blind tasting. But it’s quite a good dram to have on the front yard when the sun is setting and the price is good.


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