Whisky Review – Tomatin 1988 Vintage

This is the second recent addition to Tomatin core range along with the 14 year old I reviewed yesterday here. It’s replacing the 30 year old expression and is vatted from ex-Bourbon and ex-Port casks.

The sample I received was generous so I felt like sharing it. So I called a friend and a fellow blogger and we tasted it together, so if you want to compare our tasting notes of the same sample, read Michael take on it here and mine right after the break.

Tomatin 1988 vintage (46%, £160)

23414 Tomatin 1988 Bottle & Box LoNose: A very rounded nose with no alcohol burn as age worked his magic, fresh, floral bordering meadow greenery, sweet honey & vanilla, feels more sherry than port so maybe a dry port this time? Sweet fruits, apricots. After few minutes in glass it reveals dry port (while the 14 yrs is sweet port), nutty and butterscotch, complex and delicate – I was in no rush to drink it.

Palate: Starts nutty and buttery with second wave of sweet spices with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg. The sweetness somewhat dissipate fast revealing oak.

Finish: Medium length, butter, tannins and dry port with spices on the back of the mouth, with oak lacing it all.

Conclusion: Darn good whisky. Unlike the 14 year old, no water is needed to feel the fruitiness and sweetness here. I cannot compare it to the 30 year old as I didn’t taste it and I’m a bit disappointed the price has raised comparing to the 30 year old but it shouldn’t stop you from getting a bottle if you can afford it.

(Official sample was received from Tomatin Distillery)


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