Whisky Review – The Glenrothes 1988

My experience with Glenrothes whiskies is somewhat limited. I’ve tried the basic Select Reserve (which I didn’t like) and the Robur Reserve but not any of their vintage releases, so it’s time to fix that.

Glenrothes 1988 vintage is aged for over 20 years in Spanish and American oak barrels so I expect it to be better than those I’ve mentioned above. Let’s see if it delivers:

The Glenrothes 1988 (43%, £108.9)

glenrothes-1988-whiskyNose: starts with strong vanilla and sweet heather, creamy, biscuits. then some wine/sherry impact of soaked raisins, red berries, some orange peels and ginger spiciness, gentle and smooth

Palate: smooth as silk, oakiness and wood spices, vanilla, tannin bitterness, raisins/red berries, ginger, very rich

Finish: warming, smooth oak, long lingering pepper and ginger spiciness

Conclusion: I liked it. The palate is leaning a bit toward bourbony side so some people may not like it so much, but it’s not overdoing it and there’s no real imbalance and it works well with the other flavours here. It may be a bit pricey but if you like that kind of whisky, it’s a worthy addition to your shelf. Now I’m really looking forward to drink the Glenrothes 1978 I have on my shelf.

(Sample was received from P. Thanks buddy!)


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