Whisky Review – Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 17 year old

It’s the last day of Feis Ile 2014 and as in previous years, it’s Ardbeg distillery open day.

Today I’ll review a bit old ardbeg which was I was delighted to drink during a local whisky tasting last week – the Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 17 which was bottled by the new ownership at 2007 but was distilled by the previous one at 1990. Lets haste into the tasting notes:

Ardeg Airigh Nam Beist (46%)

Ardbeg Airigh Nam BeistNose: Wet dirty peat, not too strong nor lots of smoke, but with lots of fruits in the shallow level below the peat with apricots & pears. lemon is developing, brine and little spice but very little

Palate: Peatier than nose hinted, wet coals, stewed fruits concentration, oily and sweet with little smoke and peppery spiciness.

Finish: Gentle peat and weeds, smoke infused cloths, sweet lingering, smidge of oak, warming

Conclusion: I’ve seen the light! A fantastic dram. It’s different from all the modern Ardbeg releases by being less ashy and fresh. This one is more dirty wet peat feeling and much more fruitier.

(Thanks Yori for sharing this one with me)


4 thoughts on “Whisky Review – Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist 17 year old

  1. Yori

    Alas, the night before Ardbeg day Martin and I finished it. Hope my uncle brings one back next month…

      1. Yori

        BTW – I am not sure it is 17YO – it was distilled in 1990 and bottled in 2007, but I am not sure there were 17 complete years. I’ll try to find out…

  2. Yori

    Bottle code: L7 058 09:14 4ML – February 2007 for US market according to “The Ardbeg Project”


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