Whisky Review – Port Ellen 25 Year Old 1982 Old Malt Cask

Feis Ile 2014 has ended.

In the last week I’ve went through almost all the distilleries (except Lagavulin as I didn’t have any new Lagavulin dram to review). But before we go back to normal posting, let’s have one last review to close out the series, a tribute and a salute to the iconic islay distillery which isn’t with us anymore – Port Ellen.

port ellen 25 1982 omc

This one is an indie bottling from 2007 for the Old Malt Cask brand of Douglas Laing (Now at the hands of Hunter Laing), one of 594 bottles from a sherry butt. Here are the tasting notes:

Port Ellen 1982 25 year old Old Malt Cask (50%)

port ellen 25 1982 omcNose: Dirt, Wet mud smoke after fire is extinguished, dung, rotten weeds. This one takes time to develop and sherry cask impact raises its head are popping up with sweet notes, red berries & raisins.

Palate: Sherry is much more noticeable than on nose with red berries, nutmeg, cinnamon, dung, rotten weeds and a bit of oak.

Finish: Medium length, sweet red berries, very little peat impact with some oak wood and spices.

Conclusion: I’ve tasted other Port Ellens which I feel were better than this one (although this one is ex-sherry and the others were matured in ex-Bourbon cask), but nevertheless it’s always a treat to taste Port Ellen whisky – a remnant from times long gone. Slainte!



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