Whisky Review – Van Wees Clynelish 1991 22yo

Another day, another indie bottling from Van Wees and this time – a Clynelish. It’s my first Clynelish taste and review (one more to cross off from the list!).

Unlike the young bunna from yesterday, this one sports the respectable age of 22 years as it was distilled on 30.10.1991 and bottled in November 2013 after spending it in a Hogshead #13216.

The Ultimate Van Wees Clynelish 1991 22yo (46%, 312 bottles, buy for € 56.95 here)

van wees 1991 22yoNose: Wax, Sweet with heather honey, little vanilla, pears. It’s very mellow but a bit flat one dimensional. After long while some salty edge shows up.

Palate: waxy again but oak wood is showing up. Then vanilla & honey joins the party in syrupy feeling but not cloying, lemon and ends with brine.

Finish: short medium length with bit of gentle oak covered in sweetness and lemon.

Conclusion: It’s my first Clynlish so I’m not sure how close to the ‘default’ profile this one is, but there’s wax here and little salt which I read are the trademark of the distillery. As a whole. It’s tad too lemony which may have drowned any other subtle notes coming from aging for 22 yo. It may needed more time to reveal other notes but I suspect it’s a long-shot. overall, for me it was a bit flat and not too complex but the price is good so if you like that kind of profile of wax, sweet and lemon – look no further.



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