Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Kilchoman Single Cask Release 2008 (Cask 192/2008) 61.7%

kilchoman single cask release 2008 192.2008Time to revisit Kilchoman. Not long ago I reviewed their Travel Retail expression Coull Point which I considered as a good one if you love Kilchoman dearly and/or young peated Islay whisky (see here), but personally I found it a bit disappointing. So let’s shoot for a corrective experience and try another Kilchoman. This time it’s a 5 years old single cask, distilled 24.4.2008, aged in ex-bourbon cask and bottled on 29.4.2013

Kilchoman Single Cask Release 2008 (61.7%, € 84.95)

kilchoman single cask release 2008 192.2008Nose: Ooh, the distinct and lovely ashy peat of Kilchoman, but cultivated comparing to wild and harsher peat of Coull Point. Clean fresh peat, vanilla honey slowly coming up. Green fruits, pears, herbal edge.

Palate: Peat but subdued, vanilla, honey sweetness of stewed fruits, corn syrup, chili pepper and bay leaves.

Finish: Long with lingering sweet fruits with the peat playing 2nd violin here.

Conclusion: Oh, it’s so much better then the Coull Point release. A lovely Kilchoman with peat, ash and lots of fruits. This is a release which makes me happy and eager for older Kilchoman versions. Yes, it’s more expensive than Coull Point, but its definitely worth it.


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