New Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: SMWS 93.43 Two-faced Duality (Glen Scotia) 11 year old 58.4%


Time for the last review from the Cask Strength night I had last month – another SMWS expression that will serve as a bridge to a mini series of SMWS bottlings reviews.

Today, from Campbeltown, a 11 year old Glen Scotia bottle owned by Shai Gilboa, good friend who also wrote on the blog a guest column on Whisky Live Tel-Aviv. The last Glen Scotia I had (from Wemyss Malts) was a big hit for me (review here) after my first try was a failure. Third time still a charm?

SMWS 93.43 Two-faced Duality (Glen Scotia) 11 year old 58.4%

SAMSUNGNose: Initial lovely sniff of peat, dirty at first, sponge cake with cake frost of salty dough, lemon, pears/nectarine juice. Adding water reveals brine and makes it less fruity.

Palate: Sweet and peat, nectarine juice, tobacco, leather, oily. Adding water makes it less dark and less oily.

Finish: Medium length, salty, cacao, espresso, and oak is revealed with water.

Conclusion: Really loved it. Best whisky of the night. Only 11 year old but showing maturity and complexity beyond its age. Gotta love SMWS bottlings.

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