Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Big Peat Xmas Edition 2014

It was finally cold last night and I had to turn off the ventilator and use a blanket! We’re past the equinox and finally winter is showing signs of life. And do you know what does it means? Winter is coming indeed but I was thinking of: Holidays are coming!

We’re seeing a big wave of releases geared toward holidays shopping. As usual there are also some annual releases in that wave and one that I’m always waiting for is Big Peat the Xmas Edition.

I have a bottle of the regular Big Peat, which is a huge success around the world (and I should really publish the tasting notes for it, I know!) and during my visit to Douglas Laing HQ tasted 2 of their special editions which were awesome for blended peated whisky. And how does the new edition fare?

Peat Xmas Edition 2014 (55.7%, £44.99)

big peat 2014Nose: The caol ila base is felt instantly with the fruity peat notes, lemon is there as well but it’s distant and faded. After it spent some time in the glass, more citrus notes come up, tar & smoke, malt, salt and rubber wellies, anise, vanilla, overall fresh and clean nose.

Palate: Peat, ash, tar, sweet fruits (apricots, pears), smoke and burning rubber, salt and B.B.Q-ed meat, then vanilla & heather honey and waxy feeling at the tail.

Finish: Lengthy finish with wet ashes, smoke, sweet honey, oak and long lingering sweet ashes.

Thoughts: Rocking big peat! As usual, the Xmas edition shines and put to shame the regular big peat. Always a recommended buy if you don’t have a previous Xmas edition (or even if you do!).

(Official sample provided by Douglas Laing)


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