Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Glen Garioch 15 year old Renaissance 51.9%

Glen Garioch aren’t sitting on their hands basking in the success of the 1998 Wine Cask Matured release earlier this year (which was a mystery blind dram and I loved it a lot!) and two months ago released a new limited edition: Glen Garioch The Renaissance 15 year old.

This release is the first of 4 limited (and exclusive) editions (15, 16, 17 & 18 year olds) to be released annually, aptly named Glen Garioch Renaissance Collection which is here to celebrate the new house character that Glen Garioch took after the re-opening in 1997 following the purchase of Morrison Bowmore by Suntory. As such, all whisky was distilled after 1997 to reflect the new distillery style.

This initial release was matured bourbon and sherry casks for 15 years and only 12,000 bottles were produced. Do they keep striking gold? 

Glen Garioch 15 year old Renaissance (51.9%, £73.95)

15yo renaissanceNose: Rich and creamy cereal malt and grains notes which disappear after a minute leaving us with smooth and rich nose full of honey, apricots and then peaches, some stewed fruits, weak meadow and orchard, sweet candies, toffee, hint of ginger
which grows over time

Palate: Oak, lots of ginger and spices – it’s not as smooth and fruity as the nose but it’s full of flavors. On second sip there are also cinnamon and caramelized blood oranges.

Finish: Medium-long finish with ginger, bittersweet peels of oranges, lingering spices and oak wood.

Thoughts: No doubt it’s a whisky with a classic Glen Garioch style. Lovely spice and ginger notes in a balanced and rich whisky. Good stuff!


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