Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Talisker 10 year old

I briefly went through what I already reviewed on the blog and found one big and glaring omission – I didn’t review even a single whisky expression from Talisker. It’s not like I didn’t taste any Talisker whiskies in the past, on the contrary, I have a bottle of Talisker 10 right here and I did taste a few other Taliskers in the past.

So I need to make some amends here, so lets start a Talisker appreciation week where I review a couple of Talisker whiskies, and naturally we’ll start with the core and well known whisky – the Talisker 10 year old.

Talisker 10 year old (45.8%, £35.15 / €30)

talisker-10-years-oldNose: Starts off with a peat smoke but only smoke and then it recedes you get the fruity notes and for me it was mainly sweet apricots. Then after swirling it a bit more in the glass and giving it time to breath, some peat show up accompanied with heavy and thick honey and vanilla.

Palate: Lots of ashes. and smoke as expected from a Talisker whisky. Also a bit of peat and then honey sweetness arise before going into the finish.

Finish: Oak, peppery, oh so much pepper, and sweet honey to balance it.

Thoughts: Good basic whisky. Very affordable. A staple whisky in everyone’s bar.


3 thoughts on “Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Talisker 10 year old

  1. Sam Smith

    I had a dram of Talisker 10 last night, right after a glass of Longrow. I hadn’t noticed before quite how briney the T10 was, but in comparison to the marshmallowy sweet smokiness of the Longrow the saltiness really stood out.


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