Whisky Review & Tasting Notes – Talisker 57° North

Talisker resides on the Isle of Skye, and is the only distillery on the island (for now). Not like distilleries needs excuses but it’s always a good reason to release new whisky expression. And so did Talisker, back in 2008 they released a NAS whisky (in 2008! way ahead of the curve!)  and named it Talisker 57° North for the Isle of Skye that sits on the line of latitude 57 Degrees North.

Unlike most of their other core range bottlings available today and in the past, the 57 North is bottled in a high and special strength of 57% (and surely it’s no coincidence strength). It was matured exclusively in American oak refill casks and so we’d expect some extra fruity and vanilla flavours here. Does it deliver?

Talisker 57° North (57%, £56.73)

talisker-57-north-whiskyNose: No doubt it’s a smoky Talisker but with added sweetness. It’s smoother and gentle (less so than Storm an DE expressions). The high ABV of 57% is not so felt at first but after a while it develops and get punchy with not much pepper on nose but with lots of  vanilla, bit of fruitiness. With extra time in glass it get a bit ashy. and green fruits and extra pepper are revealed

Palate: Sweet green fruits, ashes, smoke, vanilla, bit of oak and spice.

Finish: Long with smoke and a bit of spice, sweet green apples peels.

Thoughts: Lovely one. It’s a real excellent Talisker. Yes It’s NAS but it’s a good one and I didn’t feel the youthfulness showing up and ruining the show here. Definitely worth grabbing a bottle if you see one for a decent price.


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