Whisky Review & Tasting Notes – Talisker Storm

Talisker appreciation week is in full force and we’re now onto the third Talisker review. Third time’s a charm? No, third time’s a storm!

Talisker Storm is fairly recent addition, released in 2013 and followed by 2 more releases – Talisker Dark Storm and Talisker Port Ruigh. Seems like the market demand and the opportunity to earn more money ‘forced’ Diageo to produce additional expressions as part of the core range.

Three new whiskies in a short span but it doesn’t necessary means that the whiskies are were cobbled NAS whiskies to meet the demand. Or are they? Let’s check the Talisker Storm.

Talisker Storm (45.8%, £38.75)

talisker-stormNose: Smoke, sweet honey, creamy barley (cereal), hints of spice and white pepper, I swear some fruits are hiding there, it just takes a while to seduce them out to the air. A bit more time and we get salt and some more spices with nutmeg, salty BBQ sauce, and more pepper.

Palate: Starts with sweet cream sprinkled with nutmeg, then its get peppery along with big spices wave.

Finish: Long, starts sweet turning to wood and spices but doesn’t turns to bitter side and we’re left with lingering hot white pepper

Thoughts: All in all, a very rock solid Talisker offering. It’s NAS whisky but it’s a good one in the recent years crop of NAS whiskies and the price is far from being offensive (hint: it’s on the other side of the scale).



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