Whisky Review – Hibiki 17

It was a very embarrassing day in the BTC 2014 competition as I scored zero points, again… So I have the urge to run away from it to the other side of the world. too bad that I cannot do that so instead I’ll settle for reviewing something different. How about we review a Japanese whisky and not a single malt but a blend?

Hibiki 17 is the mid range expression in the Hibiki blends line up from Suntory which also produce Yamazaki and Hakushu whiskies.

Hibiki 17 (43%, £89 / €115)

SAMSUNGNose: First thing that hits the nose is spice. Lots of spicy notes with oriental mix spice edge that I learned to associate with Japanese whisky. Malty, vanilla,  dash of citrus, very refined nose without much evidence of grain. After a while, a surprise note! big dried and spicy corn-based snack is showing up.

Palate: Malt and creamy vanilla pudding , oak, sweet barley sugar, the grain is finally coming through all laced with a gentle spice mix.

Finish: Short with lingering honey sweetness and spicy oak.

Thoughts: A very good whisky. It beats most of the blends in the market and a couple of single malts as well. I enjoyed it very much.

(Tasted in the Dec 2014 MMI club meeting)


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