Whisky Review – Kilchoman Original Cask Strength 5 Year Old (2009-2014)

After a very stressing period at work and with the BTC 2014 competition taking what’s left of my free time, there wasn’t enough time to post in the last few days but It’s time to resume reviewing whiskies and today the last Kilchoman release, Kilchoman Original Cask Strength.


They took a total of 35 ex-bourbon barrels filled in 2009, bottled it late 2014 while keeping it in original cask strength (in case the expression name wasn’t clear enough) and released it to the world.

Now, it’s not that their previous bottlings in diluted strength of 46% are small angelic boys as they can be tough even for peat lovers, so what happens when go full turbo mode with it?

Kilchoman Original Cask Strength 5 Year Old (59.2%, £68.95 / €85)

kilchoman original cask strength 2009-2014Nose: Very kilchoman -y nose, farmy, hay, sweet peat, mint and eucalyptus. Given some time in the glass there are ashes, sweet malt & new make notes, but overall it’s a clear, fresh & sweet nose.

Palate: Peat & smoke, bit of tar, sweet lemon and fruits, barley sugar, some herbal and farmy edge. Full bodied and oily.

Finish: Medium-long length with lingering sweet peat, grassy edge.

Thoughts: So we got a real good and mellow (relatively) peat expression from Kilchoman. It doesn’t boasted the sometimes harsh and ashy peat side but more of the sweet earthy peat side and I liked this a lot. How is it price wise? Truth be told – A bit on the expensive side.



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