Whisky Review: Imperial 1995 Signatory Cask Strength Collection for Astra Morris (Usquebaugh Society BTC 2014 #18)

The Usquebaugh Society BTC2014 is almost done. one last blind tasting tonight and it’s over. I really hope to get some points tonight to finish on a positive note!

Below you’ll find my notes (Nose/Palate/Finish) as written before the bottle revelation but here’s what I guessed it to be and why:

I went for Clynelish, 20 yo 56.5%. The wax and salt pointed me at this distillery and the ABV felt mid fifties.  Age is the big issue for me – it can be a 17-18 Year old from a very good cask or some mid twenties bottling. I had my eyes on one specific bottling but instead of going all in on this one, I’ve decided to spread out a bit and prepare for the unexpected and get some points if I’m a bit wrong (despite losing points if I am right).

Update: It’s Imperial 1995. Oh well.  Anyway I’m finishing the competition with 457 points points, place #21 out of 73 – almost top 20! (and also won the side bet with a few friends 🙂 )

Imperial 1995 Signatory Cask Strength Collection for Astra Morris (52.4% / )

imperial 1995 - 2014 signatoryNose: Green apples, Boubron cask impact with dash of sweet honey, wax, lime, salt, rounded sweet. After adding water it’s sweeter.

Palate: Spice, wax, lime, sweet citrus and lemon peels, oak bitterness, hot pepper. With water: very waxy(!), wet oak and it’s less fruity with pepper at the background

Finish: freakishly long. Peppery and lingering sweet sugar and green apples peels for ages.

Thoughts: What a great dram. I bet it’s sold out already 😦 (Update: not yet so it seems! Still available in Belgium. If you want one, hurry up!)



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