Ardbeg 1977 review and tasting notes – Too bad the new stuff isn’t like those old Ardbegs

The storm is almost here so we continue with the peat theme but this time a deeper one, something old and dignified. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Ardbeg 1997 review.

Ardbeg 1977 (46%, £475)

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Photo credit:

Nose: Oh what a lovely old peat nose – Wet and sweet peat, very earthy with some moss and decaying wood barks but it’s fresh and rounded with vanilla, honey and some citrus.

Palate: Starts with massive sweet peat, there’s barely any ash but there’s smoke of old stove. A bit salty and very oily and mouth coating.

Finish: A short-medium finish with honey sweetness, peat and saltiness.

Thoughts: A real cracker. An old and smooth Ardbeg. Too bad they don’t produce that kind of spirit nowadays. Expensive but it was a real great treat!


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