Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Linkwood 24 Year Old (Whisky Broker)

After yesterday’s review of the Tobermory, let’s review another bottling from the Whisky Broker, this time a 24 Year old Linkwood.

Linkwood distillery is owned by Diageo and most of what it produces goes into their blends, most notably Johnnie Walker (The JW green contains 15yo Linkwood) & White horse.

This was bottled from Hogshead #3540, distilled 30.04.1990 and bottled 25.11.2014, so without further ado, let’s try it.

Linkwood 24 Year Old (Whisky Broker) (51.7%, 293 bottles)

linkwood 24yo whisky brokerNose: The distillery floral trademark is very evident here along with light honey sweetness, meadow flowers at sundown. baked pie dough. It’s very refined and elegant, it’s fresh yet there’s some wet & earthy side to it. With water the spices go out with green cardamon and pepper.

Palate: Floral and sweet honey. Spicy with mostly white pepper, sweet wood chips. With water, it’s getting a bit perfumy with lavender and some violets but it’s far from FWP effect (and no soap!) and surprisingly didn’t make it spicier.

Finish: Long finish, spicy, heavy dark sweet honey, traces of oak wood. With water perfumy.

Thoughts: It’s gentler than the Tobermory reviewed yesterday, but it’s a great Linkwood bottle showing the distillery characteristics. It could do with more depth, but the floral and smoothness here makes it a lovely bottle.


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