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Whisky Review – Adelphi Linkwood 1990 24 Year Old (BTC 2015 Day 15)

The Blind Tasting Competition rages on and I fell back a bit with a few bad guesses and with some whiskies I didn’t like much. But then, dram #15 arrived and oh my, what’s a lovely drink it is. My first instinct was some nicely aged whisky (23 year old or so) and the floral note should have lead me to Linkwood. but instead I went for a 12 year old from a different region and so I got no points (AVB was close but not close enough). I guess I deserve it if instead of working hard on the dram, I spent my evening watching NFL , ah?

Adelphi Linkwood 1990 24 Year Old (57.5%, €155.81)

adelphi linkwood 1990 24yoNose: Yummy! Fragrance, honey and floral, peaches, coconuts, wood varnish and some sourness that turns into a funky and dirty note (yet lovely), white pepper and chocolate. Continue reading


Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Linkwood 24 Year Old (Whisky Broker)

After yesterday’s review of the Tobermory, let’s review another bottling from the Whisky Broker, this time a 24 Year old Linkwood.

Linkwood distillery is owned by Diageo and most of what it produces goes into their blends, most notably Johnnie Walker (The JW green contains 15yo Linkwood) & White horse.

This was bottled from Hogshead #3540, distilled 30.04.1990 and bottled 25.11.2014, so without further ado, let’s try it.

Linkwood 24 Year Old (Whisky Broker) (51.7%, 293 bottles)

linkwood 24yo whisky brokerNose: The distillery floral trademark is very evident here along with light honey sweetness, meadow flowers at sundown. baked pie dough. It’s very refined and elegant, it’s fresh yet there’s some wet & earthy side to it. With water the spices go out with green cardamon and pepper. Continue reading

Whisky Review – Linkwood 1946

Sometimes I dabble in organizing BYOB whisky tasting evenings for whisky lovers here in Israel – such events are major source for tasting whiskies which never reaches our shores  – the officially imported brands and expressions list is sadly small and boring with 99% of it being the core range of the major distilleries.

So after 7 months since last the last event I helped organized (The Bruichladdich evening reviewed in the 1st post of this blog!), we gathered again this Sunday and had an event focused on highlands whiskies but with some notable exception – the Linkwood 1946

The evening was marvelous – great company paired with great whiskies. The star whisky of the night was of course the aforementioned Linkwood 1946. It was supposed to be the last tasted dram but we couldn’t stick to the lineup and it was tasted out of order – such is the allure of old and rare whisky 🙂

It’s amazing thing to think of – a whisky that was distilled about the time my parents were born, just after world war II. It was sleeping and slowly maturing in the barrel through lots of events: Elizabeth II coronation, the cold war, internet invention – it’s mind blowing!

Although it was distilled in 1946 it wasn’t bottled in recent years but in 1982 after 36 years. Still, a very unique occasion to taste whisky from spirit distilled in different time and from different barley strain.

Linkwood 1946 (40% ABV, 36 years, £1815)

linkwood1946Nose: what a floral nose, very perfume like. Under the floral notes there’s a strong undercurrent of sweet green meadow and everything is laced with sherry notes. Also on stage: old books and pine needles – a very rich and complex nose.

Palate: Floral and sweet sherry all over again, some strong sour-sweet wood taste – feels like combination of plums and sherry but of the sour-sweet kind. Melons, dates, mild oak notes – a very good barrel and wood management.

Finish: too short 😦 lingering sour-sweet flavor as on palate, oak notes

Conclusion: This is my first Linkwood whisky and what amazing one is it! the short finish means you want to drink another dram and another dram – very dangerous considering the price of such bottle. What can I say – A dram to remember! If you get the chance to try it without robbing a bank – go for it.