Whisky Review – Springbank CV (and bonus review of Longrow CV)

Next in line is a review of the old NAS offering from Springbank which was discontinued, the Springbank CV and along with it we’ll review the Longrow CV which was replaced (or merely renamed) with Longrow Peated.

The CV name stands for Curriculum Vitae. Yes, similar to what’s going on with job interviews, it’s called this way as there’s a long road behind it – a vatting of different casks types and styles (bourbon, sherry and port wine) and different ages (7,10,14 years).

Springbank CV (46%, €33.95)

springbank cvNose: apples,pears, coconut, vanilla custard, spiciness, white pepper at first that it calms down and we get creamy and malty notes. Zesty, some dried fruits in background and sherry spices.

Palate: Peppery , malty, lots of oak, sweet vanilla and honey, dried nutmeg.

Finish: Dried sherry fruits nutmeg, sweetness, bit of oak.




And while we’re doing CV reviews, let’s check Longrow CV (sorry, no Hazelburn CV review as I couldn’t get a sample of it). Similar to its’ brother it’s a vatting of casks aged 6, 8 & 14.

 Longrow CV (46%, €28.63/£59.99)

longrow cvNose: Clean and soft peat (no Islay here), yet it comes with some wetness and dirt. Tar after a while in glass along with revealed notes of lemon and other citrus. Some stewed fruits & cookie dough.

Palate: Peat but dirtier than on nose, sweet fruits, ashes, oily and spice.

Finish: Peat smoke with sweetness, oak bitterness and finally sweet peat in the background



Thoughts: Both were excellent whiskies and they can be proudly called good NAS whisky – there’s no hidden information here and casks ages were revealed. And so, no shame in buying and drinking those as they are complex and provided great VFM. Both can still be found in some shops around the world for a very decent price, so I highly recommend buying them if you come across them.


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