Whisky Review – Tamdhu Batch Strength #1

For many years, there was only one single offering from Tamdhu. Before the relaunch of Tamdhu brand in 2013 it was a NAS offering (probably around 8 years old) and after the relaunch it was the 10 year old.

And now the NAS offering is doing a comeback but as an addition to the line up and with a totally new profile – matured exclusively in sherry casks and offered at cask strength. Do we have yet another NAS sherry bomb on our hands?

Tamdhu Batch Strength #1 (58.8%, £56.95/€69.99)

tamdhu_batch_strength_1Nose: feels youngish on the nose but it may be just the heavy cream and vanilla that confuses me (american oak sherry butts anyone?). Lots of toffee with lots of Werther’s original and dose of milk chocolate. Very smooth and rounded nose despite the big ABV. The sherry casks do impact the spirit but the dried fruits, sultanas and sherry spices are at the background playing 2nd violin here. With water – the chocolate notes are boosted to “chocolate with nuts” level.

Palate: Big, a bit harsh with chocolate, sour fruits, cream and vanilla, sharp (probably due to ABV). With water: mellower, spicier and also fruits.

Finish: Medium length with chocolate, cream, malt, lingering sherry notes (dried fruits and mild nutmeg)

Thoughts: I like it. It’s not as good as the popular sherry bombs on the shelves but I like the different approach here where it’s not going for the crowded slot of big sherry bomb with dried fruits and sherry spices dialed to max, but instead it’s chocolate, vanilla and cream (to the max). it’s rich and takes water like a pro and it’s very enjoying and refreshing dram.


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