Whisky Review – Kilchoman 2010 4 Year Old PX Finish

Something to start the weekend with – a review of a young and punchy single cask Kilchoman that was bottled for The Whisky Exchange to start whiskying on a high octane note.

So today we have a young Kilchoman from cask 679/2010 which was bottled at 4 year old comparing to the 5 and 6 year old we tend to see. It spent some time in a PX cask to tame down the peat and bring on some sweetness.

Kilchoman 2010 4 Year Old PX Finish (58.3%, 262 bottles ,£89.95)

kilchoman single cask 2010 4yo px finish tweNose: There’s no doubt it’s a Kilchoman. That ashy, sharp and crisp peat is so distinct… Sweet dried fruit in the background. dry wood smoke and nutmeg comes hand in hand and it’s working together quiet well. Slowly slowly it’s getting sweeter but still remains very smoky.

Palate: Sweet and ashy, soot, peat and then smoke, cured meat in a sweet sauce. Some dried fruit, oak wood spices at the end, a bit rough.

Finish: Quite rough with ash, smoke, sweet cured meat and sweet dried fruit.

Thoughts: A bit rough and a young Kilchoman. The nose is lovely with punching Kilchoman peat  and smoke tamed by sweetness from the PX cask, but the peat is not tamed enough on the palate and the finish. I think it should have been in the cask an additional year or two as we are already exposed to older Kilchoman whiskies and they are what I’m looking for.

(Official sample from the TWE)


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