Whisky Review: Arran 2000 Private Cask #1106

Following the sad and tragic events this weekend I thought of reviewing some good whisky to boost my mood. The choice fell on a bit sweet whisky to fight the sour and bitter taste in my mouth – a 14 year old single cask Arran, that was bottled for The Whisky Exchange.

Arran 2000 Private Cask #1106 (55.5%, 197 bottles ,£70.95)

arran 2000 private cask 1106Nose: Quite a bold and aggressive nose,  chalky, fruity, vanilla and honey, pears, peaches, pear drops, dark and deep hue fruit juice, whiffs of pineapple. Concentrated red apples juice, soursweet candies. A very rich and fabulous nose. My money here is on a 1st fill cask.

Palate: Spice with a lot of pepper, chalky and a bit coarse yet still remains sweet and fruity. Sweet apples and lightly caramelized dark fruit, honey and finishes with oak wood spices.

Finish: Medium length, tingling and spicy, lingering fruit sweetness.

Thoughts: A superb cask! It’s a great example of single cask Arran and definitely a whisky that can cheer me up even if just a little. If you don’t own any single cask Arran and you wish to try one, this is one good primer for you.


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