Whisky Review: Duncan Taylor Auchindoun 2008, Kininvie 7 Year Old (Blind Tasting Competition 2015 Day 3)

After two days with some points, comes the dread of a dead day where you try your best and ends up with nothing to show for it, getting zero points. Day 3 sample was weird. It started nicely with a springbank funky note so I initially went with this guess. But when I came back and re-tasted it, the picture changed dramatically. Based on the sum of the notes I was left in the dark – Campbeltown? Isle of Jura? Maybe some laddie? I went with 12yo Jura at 50%. I know there’s no such bottling but maybe it will net me some points.

Update: Holy crap! Seriously? Kininvie? It’s a blended/teaspooned Kininvie called Auchindoun. It was finished for 7 months in a Sherry Octave Cask #289787 before it was bottled, and I think it was a grave mistake – they shouldn’t have bother to bottle it… and what I dreaded came, zero points today and I hope tomorrow will be better!

Duncan Taylor Auchindoun 2008, Kininvie 7 Year Old (52%, 113 bottles, €58.95)

Auchindoun kininvie 7Nose: Initial nosing had a dirty note and subtle peat, grassy, green tomatoes and a dash of honey. On the second tasting it was less funky and had a diluted and mellowed wine’n’peat, dash of heather honey. vinegary, malty.

Palate: starts with sweet spice and some vinegary note, oak wood bitterness and then sweet again, honey, soft lemon, wood spices, wine vinegar and general thin and light feeling.

Finish: Medium length, dash of pepper, diluted wine, vinegar, greenery and thin.

Thoughts: It started nice and I kinda liked it on the 1st tasting but it went downhill from there real fast and eventually I can tell you that I don’t like this one much, it’s quite bad. I wonder what whisky is that.


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