Whisky Review: The Whisky Agency Ben Nevis 1995 18 Year Old (Blind Tasting Competition 2015 Day 4)

Day 4 of the Blind Tasting Competition 2015 and following the zero points day yesterday, I hope to get back on the horse back today and get some points. I was confused by the greenery on the palate and wondered if it may be a lowlander (Bladnoch or Littlemill), but other than that it felt like a highlander which led me towards Balblair distillery. I went for Balblair 2003 vintage and 46%.

Update: At least I got the region correctly… It’s Ben Nevis 18 bottled by The Whisky Agency back in 2013. The Hogshead yielded 242 and I’m sure I won’t be the only one checking shops for a bottle that was forgotten on a high shelf.

Ben Nevis 1995 18 Year Old by The Whisky Agency (51.8%, 242 bottles)

the whisky agency ben nevis 18 1995-2013

Photo credit: whiskybase.com

Nose: Nutty, citrus, a bit dirty, deep honey, subtle red berries, red apples peels, oily, some hints of perfume ( like it’s hiding beneath the surface) and coconuts. With water: fruitier, perfume, citrus oils, slowly getting some chocolate as well and a touch of spice.

Palate: Oh so green! lots of greenery but it’s not grassy, spicy white pepper, sweet honey, sour fruit and berries, all while the green notes stay strong. With water: citrusy and green, green walnuts, pepper, cardamom, honey.

Finish: Medium-long length, spice (mostly white pepper) and those green notes with short term lingering deep honey sweetness and long term spice.

Thoughts: Lovely dram. Very complex and full of notes while retaining easy drinkability attitude.


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