Whisky Review – BenRiach 35 Year Old

After reviewing a 35 year old Brora, let’s stick with a few more reviews of 35 year old whiskies, shall we?

This time it’s an affordable 35 year offering from BenRiach. The BenRiach 35 was introduced in late 2014 (a year ago or so) as a replacement to the 30 year old which is quite buckling the trend of going young ah? Although the ABV is relatively low by no means it’s punch-less.

BenRiach 35 Year Old (42.5%, £358.33/€575/€590)

benriach 35Nose: A great fruity start with dark and deep fruit, peaches, pears and apricots, honey, rich and deep, you feel the age here. Nuts, nutmeg, and after nursing it in the glass for a while a bountiful of tropical fruit. All in all it’s a lovely nose.

Palate: Fruity, honey, a touch of peat smoke, dash of vanilla, hints of white pepper, nutty, cream and gentle oak.

Finish: Medium length, nutty, nutmeg, gentle oak wood spices, deep fruitiness.

Thoughts: It’s a superb whisky with lots of fruitiness and complexity. Considering the on going price of 30+ aged whiskies, it’s quite a bargain so if you can afford a bottle, go for it.


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