Whisky Review – Glengoyne 35 Year Old

It’s the last day of 2015 which personally was a pretty good whisky year. The blog readership is on the rise and I got to taste some awesome whiskies this year and thankfully only a handful of bad whiskies.

I was torn between two possible whiskies to review today to celebrate the end of the year and I finally decided to stick with the 35 year old whiskies theme, at least for one more day, and finish 2015 with a delicious sherried whisky, the Glengoyne 35 Year Old. Only 500 bottles decanters were produced and the price is high but it’s really something special.

Glengoyne 35 Year Old (46.8%, £2162.34/€4,480/$2,899.99)

glengoyne_35Nose: Oh my, this is good. It’s very sherried and with a spicy and dirty edge. Berries, soaked raisins, dark chocolate, nutmeg and honey. A fantastic nose, I could smell it for hours!

Palate: Yummy, very sherry but surprisingly highly spicy (unlike the nose) with pepper, oak wood spices and leather. Dry, some sour red berries, mostly cranberries, honey and a dash of vanilla.

Finish: Long finish with lingering spiciness, oak wood, and traces of berries.

Thoughts: Oy, this is fabulous! I wish I could afford a bottle and I’m so sorry I have none left to savor tonight. If you have the chance and the funds to try it somewhere (or even get a bottle) then go for it and I don’t think you will regret it.


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