Longmorn 1990 24 Year Old (Cask Strength Signatory) Review

Been too busy in the last few weeks to work on new posts (except for the news items), but I hope to be back on track now and we’ll start with a 24 Year Old Longmorn bottled by Signatory.

This Longmorn was tasted in last month meeting of the MMI whisky club and as the theme was “Ex-bourbon whiskies from Speyside region”, this is indeed an ex-bourbon Longmorn as opposed to the sherried Longmorns I’m more familiar with. It’s a vatting of two casks, distilled on 15/06/1990 and bottled in July 2014 for 398 bottles at 55.6%

Longmorn 1990 24 Year Old (Cask Strength Signatory) (55.6%, £99.86/€106,40)

longmorn 1990 24yo signatoryNose: Surprisingly feels a bit thin at first despite the high ABV but it recovers and there’s a solid body there with heather honey, spice sharpness, deep dark fruit (comes with the age) and perfume whiffs. Not bad.

Palate: Rich. Spicy and sweet, honey, pears and peaches, white pepper, bitter flowers perfume.

Finish: Long finish with spiciness, oak wood, honey and weak traces of bitter perfume.

Thoughts: Some people in the event liked it, but I had issues with the biter flowery perfume here as it totally ruined the dram for me. It could be my own preference of whisky flavor or perhaps this bottle is not a good specimen of bourbon Longmorn. Anyway, in the meanwhile until I get to taste another bourbon Longmorn whisky, I’ll stick to sherried Longmorns.


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