Port Charlotte 10 Year Old Heavily Peated Review

The peated Port Charlotte whisky (from Bruichladdich distillery) is a fan favorite, very much liked just like the ultra-peated Octomores. I’ve had my share of previous official Port Charlotte limited editions and of course many independent bottlings (which I must add that many of them are excellent) But I was looking forward this kind of release, a core line-up release.

This Port Charlotte 10 Year Old was released last May and is the first on-going and permanent release of age-statement carrying Port Charlotte bottling and while I’m late in reviewing it, it kinda beat the alternative which is finishing the bottle without publishing a review.

Port Charlotte 10 Year Old Heavily Peated (50%, £48.95/€49,99)

Nose: Very smoky, blobs of vanilla and honey, then comes the BBQ meat with dripping sauce and coal smoke. The nose is quite sweet with sweet earthy peat and some sweetened bread. Greenery and fruitiness blossoms after a short while and smoke becomes drier.

Palate: Fleeting lactic note, strong and intense vanilla (almost sour), green fruitiness (with the famous green melon note), honeyed fruit, sweet peat and smoke, gentle oak spice and dry coal smoke.

Finish: Medium length, dry, peat smoke, vanilla, honey and subtle greenery.

Thoughts: Impressive Smokiness after after 10 years. It has a very well defined balance with easy going peat smoke note with lots of sweetness and enough (green) fruitiness to make it a very tasty and solid Port Charlotte. I really enjoy this bottle.


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