Wolfburn Single Malt Whisky (2016 Release) Review

I’ve been following Wolfburn distillery for a while. I tasted a few spirits and whiskies-to-be and even visited them last summer. But it was all 2015 and now we’re deep into 2016 and Wolfburn whisky turned 3 year old, with the first commercial release already on shelves in many shops.

Let’s dig into the young whisky and see it can delivers us despite its youth.

Wolfburn 2016 Release (46%, £45.45/€44,95)

wolfburn single malt 2016 releaseNose: Smells nice and despite the youth notes in it, it smells older. Quite solid and dense nose with a lot of dust, citrus fragrance with lemon and a bit of lime, cereals, cookies dough, hints of white pepper and spices, creamy and rich.

Palate: Sweet honey with vanilla, then a wave of intense spices with dusty coating yet feels rich. Cereals shows up after the wave recedes with honey and a dash of smoke, feels intense for a 46% whisky.

Finish: Medium length, honey and a dash of lemon, dust, lingering mellow oakiness and wood spices.

Thoughts: It’s young and it’s tasty. I’m happy to see that the final result is good, it’s rounder, sweeter with extra depth than the spirits I tasted in the past. Seems like the long fermentation period and slow distillation process leads to a robust whisky in Wolfburn despite the young age. Now we’ll have to wait for peated/sherried expressions and older whiskies in the future 🙂


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