Speyburn 1975 Clan Cask Review

Today’s review is the 500th post of the blog (only took 4+ years), so I wanted to review something nice (and special) to celebrate the occasion. I rummaged through the samples boxes and came up with a few options but this old Speyburn that was sitting there for years growing cobwebs caught my attention as Speyburn distillery just announced a new 15 Year Old expression, so I thought to myself: why not review a Speyburn?

This 1975 Speyburn, bottled back in 2012 (37 Year Old) was exclusively available to Clan Speyburn, the community for Speyburn lovers. 320 bottles were bottled from this sherry butt.

Speyburn 1975 Clan Cask (55.4%, Cask #3413, £289.95)

Nose: Dried fruit, lots of dates, fresh ripe plums, nutmeg and chestnut, milk chocolate, Chili pepper, big purple cherries, sniffing tobacco, orange and eventually some mint.

Palate: Leather, tobacco, dates, dried fruit paste, orange and ginger marmalade, milk chocolate, nutmeg and white pepper. Very creamy and balanced.

Finish: Medium length, earthy with lingering dried fruit, milk chocolate, nutmeg, tobacco and leather.

Thoughts: This is a magnificent cask. The cask isn’t overpowering with sweet and bold sherry sweetness nor big time spices, stellar and balanced whisky.

(Adrian, Thanks for the sample!)


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