Benromach 2009 Triple Distilled (Bottled 2017) Review

Today we’ll have a look at one of the two new Benromach whiskies, the Benromach Triple Distilled.  It’s a limited edition, distilled in 2009 in a wash still once and twice in a spirit still before being matured in first fill bourbon barrels.

Triple distillation usually means more delicatea and lighter spirit but we’re also having a strong first fill bourbon cask impact, so a Benromach for beginners?

Benromach 2009/2017 Triple Distilled (50%, £43.50/€67.00)

Nose: Light smoke and sweet honey, cereals youth, lots of pears and a bit of apricot, bananas, dry sooty smoke, white pepper, limestone dust, minerals, lemon oil. After a while more pronounced dusty feel with pepper  and mint freshness. With water: smokier, younger and malty, pears and honey.

Palate: Fruity and surprisingly somewhat tropical, pears, papaya and green melon, sweet honey, white pepper, dusty, gentle dry smoke, herbs freshness. With water: less fruit, more minerals and oak spices.

Finish: Long finish with lingering sweet honey and limestone dust, dry smokiness. With water: lingering fruitiness (still with tropical edge) and peppery smoke.

Thoughts: I was expecting a watered down Benromach but I got surprised. The Tripled Distilled is still a robust whisky even if it’s a bit more gentle Benromach-y. With approximately 7500-8000 bottles in circulations, you should be able to get one if you want. Caveat aside: Even though it’s a solid offering, personally I still prefer the 10 Year Old versions over this one because of the stronger smoke flavor and the sherry sweetness, but it’s really a matter of personal taste.

(Official sample provided by Benromach Distillery)


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