Wolfburn No. 128 (2017) (BTC 2017 Day 2) Review

After a decent start to the BTC 2017 competition, came day 2 and embarrassed me.

Wolfburn No. 128 was the blind sample for this day and unfortunately (for me) it is one of the few official Wolfburn releases I haven’t tasted, not that I’m sure it would help…

I immediately felt it’s some OB whisky and not independent bottler bottle with a 46% offering (which is where I scored my points), but it felt much older with a gentle offering (no rough and burning liquid here) and matured in some old/weak refill sherry cask so it threw me off the course complexity for age and distillery guesses. I debated between Highlands and Islands regions and finally settled on Highland Park so even though I didn’t get points for this selection,  at least I was very very close geographically!

Wolfburn No. 128  2017 (46%, £78.95/€55)

Nose: Sweet, some caramel and somewhat artificial sweetener sweetness at first that died with time, dried fruit and berries tends to sour, weak sour oak spices, smoke and peat after a while, red berries and cherries filled milk chocolate.

Palate: Gentle peat smoke yet more noticeable than on the nose, sweet red fruit and berries, sour oak spices, milk chocolate, weak nuttiness after some time.

Finish: Medium short length, oak wood sourness, lingering dried red berries.

Thoughts: At first I thought it’s a not good one. But after a while it became very decent with surprising flavors generated from half sized first fill bourbon casks. At £79 the VFM is almost non-existing, but for €55 it’s worth a punt.


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