Benromach 2008 Single Cask #347 for (BTC 2017 Day 3) Review

Today I review a young single cask Benromach (from 2008) that was bottled earlier this year for shop. 231 Bottles were bottled from cask 347 at 59.5% and a few of those entertained us on the 3rd day of the BTC 2017 competition.

I didn’t have much free time to tackle this dram so wrote some quick notes and went with a gut feeling guess of a young Caol Ila. I got points for age but nothing else. Maybe if I could sit down with this dram properly I could (and should) recall those 2008 Benromach that flooded the market last year.

Benromach 2008 for (59.5%, €64,99)

Nose: Rich and oily, lots of sweet malt and vanilla along with fairy big earthy peat note. And after a while there’s also a distinctive smoky note, honey, salt, some tropical fruits.

Palate: Sweet with vanilla, malt, peat, peppers and fruitiness, after a few minutes, some acrid smoke and ashes

Finish: Fairly long, sweet, malty, dry.


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