Springbank 14 Year Old Bourbon Wood (BTC 2017 Day 6) Review

Last night at the BTC 2017 competition we had Springbank 14 Year Old Bourbon Wood that was bottled last August and it was quite an infuriating experience. I tasted it, took notes, filled in my guess and continued to drink a few more drams with a friend and one of those drams was also this Springbank 14 Bourbon. So I had the same whisky twice in a single night, just a few drams apart but oh what different notes did I take for each of them. Luckily I got points for age and ABV (12yo and 55%) but if I’d had any resemblence between the notes, I could get more points. Bah!

Here are the notes I had for the blind dram:

Nose: A bit floral and green, salty, honey, white pepper, hard candies and pears, dusty, malt and cereals.
Palate: salt, greenery, honey, white pepper and gentle oak spices.
Finish: medium-long length, gentle fruit sweetness, pepper heat.

Would you guess a Springbank whisky based on those notes? Well, I didn’t. And here are the notes I had for the bottle I tasted later:

Springbank 14 Year Old Bourbon Wood (55.8%, €94,99)

Nose: Restrained, tons of sweet honey and the Springbank funk is there right behind the sweetness with dirt, oils, green vines and exhaust fumes. Very dominant cask influence.

Palate: Sweet funk, honey, barley sugar, salt, peat, fumes, fermented honey, hay with a little greenery. Ends with gentle and round oak spices.

Finish: Lingering sweet funk, honey and a touch of greenery with gentle oak spices.

Thoughts: This is a very sweet Springbank. Just barely managed to keep the balance before it becomes too sweet and too cask driven. I don’t think I could go for more than 2 drams due to its sweetness (unlike the also sweet burgundy 12 year old), but if you like you whisky sweet with a bit of funk, it’s a great buy.


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