Glenburgie 1995 21 Year Old Archives (BTC 2017 Day 7)

And on the seventh day of BTC 2017 we had a Speyside whisky: Glenburgie 1995 21 Year Old bottled by the folks under their Archives brand.

Upon smelling and tasting it I knew we’re probably in the Speyside region but I had some doubts because of the strong honey which could hints at Highlands region and the salt which could lead to Islands region (like Arran). But eventually I played the odds and selected a random Speyside distillery, just too bad I didn’t pick up Glenburgie.

I had suspicions it may be 20+ year old whisky but eventually I played it conservatively and settled for 18 years. While I didn’t get so many points from the age guess, I made some of it back from the ABV guess – missed it by only 0.1%!

Glenburgie 1995 21 Year Old Archives (54.1%)

Nose: At first it has some unsavory notes with must, artificial sweet and rotten wood (turning into damp wood) but thankfully it disappeared for good after a few minutes. revealing a real nice and rich floral whisky. There’s cut grass and flowers petals, floral herbs perfume and eventually a growing wave of dryness, white pepper and hot spice.

Palate: Very floral with a touch of grass, lots of honey, dry spices, white pepper, a bit of salt and oak spices.

Finish: Medium length, pepper, lingering sweet honey and floral theme.

Thoughts: It’s a real nice whisky with profile of strong floral and honey notes. Works great as a session whisky for spring/summer time.



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