Isle of Jura 12 Year Old Review

Continuing with the new Isle of Jura line up and we’re going up the range to check out Jura 12 Year Old, not to be confused with the old Jura 12 Elixir. Please note that Jura 12 will only be available in some selected markets, so you may not be able to purchase it locally.

Just like the 10 Year Old, Jura 12 Year Old was matured in ex-bourbon casks for two more years and then was finished in aged Oloroso Sherry Casks (emphasis is mine).  It will be interesting to see what difference those two extra years and the aged Vs regular sherry casks made here.

Isle of Jura 12 Year Old (40%, £42.32/€49,75)

Nose: Comparing to the 10yo, here we have more intense and deeper fruit sweetness along with stronger, almost sour, vanilla notes. Subtle smoke, peaches and apricots followed by citrus fruitiness. After a few minutes, more smoke and lactic vanilla in the background.

Palate: Short malt burst followed by a sweet fruitiness hit, then smoke and becoming fruity again. Nuttiness, gentle pepper and overall dryness towards the end.

Finish: Medium length finish, lingering sweet fruit, nuttiness, oak spices and dryness.

Thoughts: It’s a close call when you compare it to the new 10 Year Old. The Jura 12 is fruitier and sweeter but it also comes with a bit more lactic note while the 10 Year Old is less sweeter and less lactic but offer more malt notes. I don’t think Jura 12 is neither better nor worse than Jura 10 – just a matter of personal preference. Unless the Jura 12 isn’t available in your market and then your hand is forced…


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