Isle of Jura Seven Wood (42%) Review

The next whisky in the new and revamped Isle of Jura line up is Jura Seven Wood. I know many eyebrows were raised (mine included) when it was announced – Seven different oaks seemed excessive.  We don’t know if it was matured in parallel in those seven different casks and vatted together or maybe some went through double/triple/quadruple maturation before being vatted together.

The seven wood used in the expression are:

  • First-fill ex-bourbon American White Oak
  • Vosges
  • Bertranges
  • Jupilles
  • Allier
  • Tronçais
  • Limousin

I must admit this list kind of left me breathless when I first read it (didn’t even try to read it aloud)! But we do need to remember that Jura distillery already dabbled in such experiments for their Tastival releases (Feis Ile bottlings), so maybe for Jura it’s not such a far fetched idea to release such a complex whisky as a permanent offer in their line up.

Jura Seven Wood (42%, £58.75/€69,90)

Nose: Malt, red wine sweetness, vanilla, gentle tannins and white pepper, red berries led by raspberries and gooseberries. After a while butterscotch, nutmeg and a bit of cinnamon.

Palate: Dryness, oak tannins, subtle chimney smoke, rich sweet wine but also some dry wine, then it gets spicy  with white pepper, nutmeg and walnuts, subtle oak spices and eventually lactic sour vanilla.

Finish: Medium length, lingering red berries sweetness , dryness, gentle oak tannins. After a few minutes sour vanilla.

Thoughts: Jura Seven Wood is an interesting whisky. I admit I can’t fathom which french oak brought out which flavour but it kind of works well here to bring out a balanced winey whisky. if you like the wine finished/matured whiskies, it’s one you should try.


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