Bowmore 1996 21 Year Old Dramfool

In the last few years I have troubles enjoying Bowmore whiskies. It’s not the distillery fault that my taste and preferences has changed over the years, but I do keep tasting them, hoping to encounter one that I’ll like and as a service to my readers 🙂

The latest Bowmore I tried was the 15th release from the independent bottler Dramfool. It was distilled in September 1996, matured in a refill bourbon hogshead and bottled in May 2018, producing 299 bottles at 52.9%.

Bowmore 1996 21 Year Old Dramfool (52.9%, £125)

Nose: Starts very floral, gentle peat, lactic, wisps of smoke. With time more peat lactic and balanced, vanilla, with even more time less lactic, more sour vanilla and tropical fruitiness laced with the floral peat. With water, tropical fruitiness, less intense floral, more orchard.

Palate: Peat, floral, lactic, vanilla, gentle white pepper, gentle tropical fruitiness. With water softer but same profile.

Finish: Medium long length, sweet, floral, peat, vanilla, gentle tropical fruitiness , quite good finish without lactic note.

Thoughts: Well well… It’s a classic old Bowmore and while it’s still not up my alley, there’s no denying it’s good, complex and fascinating whisky. If you’re not turned away by Bowmore lactic peat (that’s how I call that), it’s very recommended (and a must for Bowmore fans).


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